[Origin: Japanese] Person, human being; Personality, character

Unique and artistic perfumes / fragrances made in small batch. Specially designed and blended by skillful, award-winning perfumers.

Each of the scent is inspired and named by a specific personality or character, a person or human being, who represents a unique olfactory composition which tells the story of the protagonist. Each scent is poetically executed and exclusively blended by our commissioned independent perfumers.

Ningen is an expressive olfactory bibliotheca that catalogs and curates the connection between human’s sense of smell and the artistic interpretations of human’s personalities and characters. In the past, we have been so familiar with fragrances inspired by plants and animals. But now, it is time we shall embark on a scented journey with Homo sapiens as the leading role.


About Founder

Kent is a long time perfume user. During his years in studying Chemical Engineering degree, Kent discovered the sparks between science and art, to concentrate the life senses into bottles of scent. Kent wants Ningen to represent young & elegance. Simple but not boring. Modern but not following mainstream.